GUIDED Nature Drives

You can book a guided nature drive at reception. Sightseeing in one of our luxury open game viewers is a great way to explore the Reserve. During the approximate two-and-a-half-hour drive, our guide will cover topics ranging from the history of the area, geology, botany and, of course, be on the lookout for animals and birds along the way. Not to mention the incredible sunrises and sunsets! The drives take you through different scenic parts of the Reserve and across some 4×4 terrain. During the excursion, you will stop to relax at a beautiful viewpoint or in the solitude of the Karoo, where prearranged drinks will be served.

The nature drive is a worthwhile activity that is exciting, adventurous, scenic and informative all at the same time. Early morning or late afternoon typically offers the best sightings, but you can arrange a suitable time at Reception. We will inform you of the meeting point for the drive. Please note, a minimum of 2 guests and a maximum of 10 guests per vehicle is required.

Walks, Hikes & 4x4 Drives {more than 100km of hiking trails}

There are numerous walking/hiking trails and some 4X4 trails on the Reserve.

They vary in distance and difficulty. Weather conditions will affect which routes you may use and which ones you should avoid. For your safety, kindly discuss this with Management and inform us of your chosen route before you set out for the day.

For full details on each route, the history and maps, please ask at Reception. In short, the routes are:

The “Hell & Gone” route – distance 21 km. Suggested only for experienced 4×4 drivers. Once you start the route there is no turning back. This is also a great hiking and cycling trail.

Name of TrailDistanceGrading / 10
Bosluiskloof Pass9.0 km5
To Moer & Gone9.3 km8
To Hell & Gone21.0 km5
Con se pad6.2 km3
Oxwagon Route11.9 km7
Dwijka Trail11.5 km8
Lange Rug Route7.1 km6
Shepherd’s Trail12 km6
Rooderand Trail4.7 km5
Historic Route9 km+2


At Bosch Luys Kloof, we offer our own local version of Spain’s Camino de Santiago (or the Way of Saint James): The Karomino – a week of hiking and spiritual reflection. 

To Hell and Gone 4x4 Route (Self-Drive)

The ‘To Hell and Gone’ 4×4 route follows a trail historically used by the inhabitants of the isolated Gamkaskloof. It covers much of the southern end of the reserve, starting close to the top of the Bosch Luys Kloof pass and traversing the Hartmansberg for some 11kms to end at a majestic viewpoint atop Die Leer overlooking the historic valley of Die Hel (Gamkaskloof). It offers beautiful views of the northern face of the Swartberg mountain range.

Graded 3 of 5, this route requires 4×4 capable vehicles with good ground clearance, low range and central differential lock. No fires are permitted and guests are kindly requested to stick to the jeep track only. The charge for guests of the reserve is R250 per vehicle.

Conference Facility

Comfortably accommodating up to 20 delegates, Our conference venue is the ideal facility for conference, training, and strategy sessions.

Fully catered to your requirements. 

About our Bird life…

Bosch Luys Kloof is now a proud member of Go Birding.

Download our certificate here

Armed with a pair of binoculars and a decent bird book, you can have many hours of fun birding at Bosch Luys Kloof. Covering five different plant biomes, the Reserve offers various habitat requirements for a diversity of bird species. There are seasonal migrants such as the swallows returning to renovate and occupy old nests during our spring and summer months, waterfowl using the Reserve as a stop-over on their daily excursions from the Gamkapoort Dam to adjacent farmers’ crops, and the numerous resident species.

As seasons change, so will the bird activity. But as a rule, most birds are active from dawn until around 10:30 and in the evening from around 16:30 until last light (excluding nocturnal birds like most owls, nightjars and dikkop species). The acacia thicket with its thorny wall of defence offers sheltered nesting sites for a variety of species. Black Eagles and Rock Kestrels prefer the rocky outcrops and cliff faces of this mountainous terrain.

We have two designated bird hides, but if you look out from your chalet in the morning, you should be able to see several different species. The garden area around the lodge is also a popular spot as it is always green and has readily available water.

A birding checklist is available at the lodge. See how many you can tick off during your visit, and if you spot any undocumented species, please let us know so we can add them to our list.

Happy birding!


Not many places boast such a spectacularly star-studded night sky as Bosch Luys Kloof! Once the lights at the lodge and chalets are turned off there is no artificial light affecting ones stargazing experience. Due to its very remote location and lack of air pollution Bosch Luys Kloof is ideal for all things related to stargazing. Whether you enjoy photographing star trails, trying to identify constellations with your stargazing app or just having an outdoor shower under the bright stars, you won’t be disappointed here when looking up at night! Colder clear nights are best for stargazing, but as long as it’s not completely overcast any time of year will do. 

Mountain Biking

Our guests can also enjoy the beauty of Bosch Luys Kloof on a Mountain bike ride. Bring your own bike – and all you may need – and discover the unique Karoo landscapes and vistas.

The reserve is growing in popularity with riders. Riders enjoy the safety of private roads and tracks. Extreme riders challenge our 4×4 routes with great excitement.

Rest and Relaxation

Warm weather, cool pool and some rest and relaxation!

The best way to escape the heat or cool off after our great outdoor activities is to spend time at our pool facilities. 


Are you a keen nature photographer? Then you need to add Bosch Luys Kloof to your list of must-visit ‘shoot’ locations. Whether on foot or on one of our Nature Drives, you’ll be able to capture majestic sunrises and sunsets, animals and plants in their natural habitat, pristine landscapes and unforgettable views

Photo Credits – @LifeOfMikeZA 

Spiritual Experiences

A visit to Bosch Luys Kloof takes you out of the hustle & bustle of the city life. The reserve situated at the end of a cul de sac, also offers complete peace & quiet if that is what you seek. Sound travels far in these quiet surroundings and guests do not want to hear other’s conversations.

To enjoy the stillness opens your mind to the inner self and spiritual growth.

To enhance this experience we have developed two special experiences ie. The Spiritual Walkway and The Petite Chatres Labyrinth:

The spiritual walkway

This is short walk up a hillside beyond the chalets that will take you through six stages of a universal prayer. You end up overlooking the valley and can ponder there for a while with your own thoughts. The guiding map is at our reception. A great start to a new day.

The petite chatres labyrinth

A short walk from the lodge on our historic route will bring you to the Bosch Luys Kloof Petite Chatres Labyrinth. The labyrinth is in the formation of the labyrinth at the Chatres Cathedral in France that was built in 1201. A great way to balance the spiritual elements at the start or end to your day!